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once upon a time , there was a small girl live in village with her step mother . one day , he go to the forest and pick some fruits for eat . one the way she go home , she saw a handsome boy , awwwws * mata kanji* XD . the boy come close with the girl and give she one kiss *layan stim* XD . and then , the boy give the flower to that girl *bunga kutipan rah sebelah pokok jak , kurang ajar* . and the girl smell that flower and she say " awws , thanks for this flower . its smell so good ! (: *maka bunga ya bau taik manok di padah nya wangi* . and the boy say " your welcome my dear <3 *bangga asa koe tek bagik umpuan ya bunga taik manok* -.- haha . the girl & the boy will happy ever after . thank youu (:

p/s : jangan sesekali meniru aksi cerita ini . LOL XD


dear ,
i'll felt lost if we broke up .
i was not in my own person's body .
it was like i was in a different world full with aliens n spaceships from all over the planets .

dear , 
forgive me if i'd something wrong to you .
you were the best thing that God have ever given to me .
i'm sorry if i didn't manage to take good care of you .

my dear ,
u were the first n the last chapter of my story in life .
every words in my book spells out the letter
L-O-V-E .

dear ,
i being with you are was the best .
you were the one to give me supports in everything i do .
you will always be there for me .
no matter what was i doing .
my dear , my heart , my love ,
I LOVE U and i'll olwaz will .

dear ,
if you cheat with me , i will kill u . 
i can't forgive u .

my dear ,
i love you so much and i don't wanna lose you .
i don't care what ever people say .
i will always love you .
i don't wanna let you go .
i wanna be with you till end of my life .

He that i found

Hell to O . that means HELLO (';
i like someone that never understand me . 
i never play with his love or his feeling ,
but , i feel wrong with what i have done a *long i text him .
now , i'm alone . i'm sad and i'm lonely * that mean i EMPTY ,
now , he go by his own way . 
he hate me ? i think YES .
but i don't mind , because forever i never found person that love me very serious .
hey , i want you to know , 
that i love you as you do .
i never want to hurt you , but i just want you to understand my situation ,
yess , i know i'm wrong . i know i'm stupid , i know i'm not perfect .
but , one thing you should know is * i do LOVE you (':
now , you go you leave me , you judge me , you talk behind me , you sick see-ing me .
ok ! fine & done here . i just wanna be your ONLY SPECIAL FRIEND . can i ? ;'O
thanks for all you give to me , i love you babehh . take a good care of your self . papai ;*

p/s : sorry , broken english :/

Got a last letter from he

he wrote a last letter for me & i'll never got its again :((

: i tired to forget you , but my heart can't let go of you . those memories we had together makes my tears fall when i think about it . i can't tell you how much i want you back and you will never be replace in my heart . you are not my no.1 but my only 1 . i remember when we use to sneek out just to see each other and gave a goodbye hug and kiss . the touch of your hands still warm up and i still feel the way you hugged me from behind . those were the times we thought that this feeling won't end . we never want to let each other go . i remember when my tears fall just because i don't want you to go . i remember when you will hold me to the end of the world . i remember you promise me to never let me go and you promised that our love will last forever . i never try to have you out of my mind and heart . every topic i write in my diary is about you , i usually forget the world i'm living in but i didn't forget you . i remember you said that you were scared to lose me . i remember you promise not to let me go and you will hold my hands until i give you my last breath . you said you won't regret being with me . no matter how bad or cruel i am . you said that love doesn't matter from outside . but what important is the inside . but that was on the other side . i never thought that LOVE hurts so much . i was on the other side . i was too hoping on our relationship . i was too depending on it . i can't tell you how sad and disappointed i am right here , right now . i cried every night just to release those stress and trying to forget you .

Truely i'm crying hear & read this song . its remaind me back about you . please come back ;'c

Last messege from he & i'll never know bout he anymore

Jika aku tanya khabarmu ,
mungkin ku .

rindu .

jika ku tanya kesihatanmu ,
mungkin ku ,

ambil berat tentangmu .

jika ku tanya kegiatanmu ,
mungkin ku ambil tahu .

jika ku tanya siapa kawanmu ,
mungkin ku curiga .

jika ku tanya siapa dihatimu ,
mungkin aku cemburu .

jika kau tanya kenapa aku jadi begitu .

kerana ku sayang padamu .
walaupun aku bukan insan istimewa dihatimu (';

Aku alone

Hey ! ney kwu tok ? jaek torang oh . lekak ta bwerk alu c da genk taq nak bergenk an aku . semua pun pandang aku semacam ajak . aku senyum an cidak sik di wiply gik senyuman aku yar . hipokrit juak torang yar . alu lha sik mok nak bergenk ! -.- kinek , aku nge-like status genk kwu , sik juak nak berlayan . sik kedak dolok . best alu jak cidak layan aku . pey berlawak indah gik an aku . kinek ? ni da agik . bia jak aku sia nge-like suka sorang ajak . eh ! bukan aku nak nganok . aku sayang torang kedak genk dikpun bha hoe . lamak dha ta bergenk dolok . nang suka berplentey juak . aku miss time yar bha . sa nk di ulang gik masa yar eh . ermm . kinekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ! genk kwu sik mok layan ku kedak genk agik . layan kedak musoh ajak lha sia eh . pa salah ku di polah torang gia ? jaek juak torang bha oh ? tpi jaek agik aku bab sik hargai torang eh ! hehe :((
sikpa bhaa . mun dha xmok bergenk agik aku sik kesah bha . nang salah aku polah torang gia . mungkir janji an torang , bena sikk ? aku nang ! AKU EGO ILAK BHA ! sik pandey nak hargai genk dikpun . bodo juak aku tok oh . eh ! nang pun . ku tauk torang bencik an aku bha . eboh torang nak bertapok indah an aku . aku tauk pangey torang yar . bkn aku sik knl torang pun . TORANG NANG SWEET KAWAN AKU DOLOK NAK ? best bergenk an korang dolok . nak berpentey an torang gik leh sik ? :') aku tauk torang sikpat maaf kan aku gyk eh . sikpa , makaseh jak dha jadi kawan ku lamak tok ok . k lha , sik tauk gik nak padah pa . cukup sampey sitok jak lha blog . aku mitak maap an torang ! MISS GENK GAOK KU DOLOK ! haha :((