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dear ,
as in mem0ries 0f us begin 11 m0nth t0gether .
we've been thru a l0t 0f em0ti0ns .
hard tyme . sad tyme . laugther , tear and enj0y .
we g0t them all within this sh0rt while .

wanna n0e that ?
the feeling i'm havink 2wrd y0u is getink str0nger and h0w i h0pe dat it will last 4ever .
i tried t0 4get 0f y0u , but ma heart can't let g0 0f y0u .
th0se mem0ries we had t0gether makes me tears fall when i think ab0ut it .
i cant tell y0u h0w m0ch i need y0u and y0u will never be reaplace in ma heart y0u are n0t my n0 1 but , my 0NLY 1 .
i still remember when we use t0 sneak 0ut just t0 see each 0ther and gave a go0dbye , hug and kiss .
th0se were the first feeling w0nt end .
we never want t0 let each 0ther t0 g0 .
i remember when ma tears fall just because i d0nt want y0u t0 g0 .
i never try t0 have y0u 0ut 0f ma mind and heart .
every t0pic in ma diary is ab0ut y0u .
i usually f0rget the w0rld i'm living in but i didn't f0rget y0u .
i remember y0u said that y0u were scared t0 l0se me .
i remember y0u pr0mise never let me g0 and y0u will h0ld ma hand till ma last breath .
i was to0 h0ping 0n 0ur relati0nship i was to0 depending 0n it .
s0 , i h0pe y0u will never st0p l0ving me as i never st0p l0ving y0u . 
whenever s0me0ne like y0u 0r fall in l0ve with y0u , i will never let y0u t0 g0 , i will take a g0od care 0f y0u .
thats because ILOVEYOU s0 much and i will never let y0u g0 ! ;))))