❤ My Followers

*jiwank kejap :D

dear ,
i'll felt lost if we broke up .
i was not in my own person's body .
it was like i was in a different world full with aliens n spaceships from all over the planets .

dear , 
forgive me if i'd something wrong to u .
u were the bez thing that God have ever given to me .
i'm sorry if i didn't manage to take good care of u .

my dear ,
u were the first n the last chapter of ma story in life .
every words in ma book spells out the letter 
L-O-V-E .

dear ,
i being with u r was the bez .
you were the one to give me supports in everything i do .
u will always be there for me .
no matter what was i doing .
my dear . ma heart . ma love .
I LOVE U and i'll olwaz will .

dear ,
if u cheat with me , i will kill u ! HAHA
i can't forgive u .

my dear ,
i love u so much n i don't wanna lose u .
i dun't care wateva people say .
i will always love u .
i don't wanna let u go .
i wanna be with u till end of ma life :3