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Got a last letter from he

he wrote a last letter for me & i'll never got its again :((

: i tired to forget you , but my heart can't let go of you . those memories we had together makes my tears fall when i think about it . i can't tell you how much i want you back and you will never be replace in my heart . you are not my no.1 but my only 1 . i remember when we use to sneek out just to see each other and gave a goodbye hug and kiss . the touch of your hands still warm up and i still feel the way you hugged me from behind . those were the times we thought that this feeling won't end . we never want to let each other go . i remember when my tears fall just because i don't want you to go . i remember when you will hold me to the end of the world . i remember you promise me to never let me go and you promised that our love will last forever . i never try to have you out of my mind and heart . every topic i write in my diary is about you , i usually forget the world i'm living in but i didn't forget you . i remember you said that you were scared to lose me . i remember you promise not to let me go and you will hold my hands until i give you my last breath . you said you won't regret being with me . no matter how bad or cruel i am . you said that love doesn't matter from outside . but what important is the inside . but that was on the other side . i never thought that LOVE hurts so much . i was on the other side . i was too hoping on our relationship . i was too depending on it . i can't tell you how sad and disappointed i am right here , right now . i cried every night just to release those stress and trying to forget you .