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He that i found

Hell to O . that means HELLO (';
i like someone that never understand me . 
i never play with his love or his feeling ,
but , i feel wrong with what i have done a *long i text him .
now , i'm alone . i'm sad and i'm lonely * that mean i EMPTY ,
now , he go by his own way . 
he hate me ? i think YES .
but i don't mind , because forever i never found person that love me very serious .
hey , i want you to know , 
that i love you as you do .
i never want to hurt you , but i just want you to understand my situation ,
yess , i know i'm wrong . i know i'm stupid , i know i'm not perfect .
but , one thing you should know is * i do LOVE you (':
now , you go you leave me , you judge me , you talk behind me , you sick see-ing me .
ok ! fine & done here . i just wanna be your ONLY SPECIAL FRIEND . can i ? ;'O
thanks for all you give to me , i love you babehh . take a good care of your self . papai ;*

p/s : sorry , broken english :/