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once upon a time , there was a small girl live in village with her step mother . one day , he go to the forest and pick some fruits for eat . one the way she go home , she saw a handsome boy , awwwws * mata kanji* XD . the boy come close with the girl and give she one kiss *layan stim* XD . and then , the boy give the flower to that girl *bunga kutipan rah sebelah pokok jak , kurang ajar* . and the girl smell that flower and she say " awws , thanks for this flower . its smell so good ! (: *maka bunga ya bau taik manok di padah nya wangi* . and the boy say " your welcome my dear <3 *bangga asa koe tek bagik umpuan ya bunga taik manok* -.- haha . the girl & the boy will happy ever after . thank youu (:

p/s : jangan sesekali meniru aksi cerita ini . LOL XD